“The tree grows strong and tall only to the extent that its roots are deep and firmly planted in the soil”-African Proverb

I am in what I call the second act of  life and everything has led me to venture on a different journey to continue cultivating my soil and expanding my roots. My blog will be a reflection of the beautiful tree that will flourish.

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The Indigenous Kitchen

restaurant-orana-in-adelaide-south-australia-photographed-by-brett-stevens-for-cn-traveler-december-2014**About Image “Restaurant Orana” in Adelaide, South Australia – photographed by Brett Stevens for CN Traveler December 2014


The indigenous Kitchen is a collage of indigenous nature inspired food and holistic living.

 The Story & The Journey

My journey to holistic health and wellness has been a long and challenging process, with so many trials and errors behind me, which had left me on many crossroads to searching for the perfect fit to my changing health and wellness needs.

Among these many paths I found various books, blogs and magazines that gave me a good footing to ask questions, seek broader resources and obtain more knowledge to tread further on my holistic journey. In May of 2010 I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes and my whole view of health, fitness and wellness changed forever (will cover in more detail with a post). While trying to process the emotional and physical aspects with being diabetic it became clear that everything to my whole wellness is in ME, all I have to do is seek the knowledge of my roots (history, origin and culture), and there I will find the answers to emerging my complete wellness.

I am more geared to eating and creating 100% nature inspired plant-based foods from the earth. I have also transitioned to more holistic, natural and organic products, created in my kitchen or from other natural sources, that enhances my whole essence from the top of my crown to the tips of my feet. 

My fitness which I refer to as my wellness is very simple which consists of running, yoga, lifting weights and walkingI do not put too much emphasis on what my body looks like, but just measure my progress on how I feel and what my body can do.  

I am not a fitness professional and am not in any position to give fitness or training tips. I just know what works for me and benefits all areas of my life to bring whole balance peacefully and positively.

Join me as I create and explore the various palates of nature inspired foods and balance a natural holistic lifestyle.

For more of what is on the table and cooking in the kitchen go to The Indigenous Kitchen

Aasyah W. Badr


Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food― Imhotep