Just Reading

My reading genre is vast on many topics from ancient history, religion, politics, classics to biographies. Right now I am currently reading a collage of subjects in Pre-African American history, Islamic perspective of African Muslims and Women, and how the impact of 500 years of European behavior has impacted African-Americans.

Image of various books by photographer Aasyah W. Badr


On my monthly jaunt to the library I am always amazed with how quickly they are adding a better and wider range of books especially these various books that were hard for me to find at any local bookstore, 3 are from the library and 1 is from my personal bookshelf.

These reads are sure to keep me intrigue, and seek further information to grasp more genres on these subjects.

1. They Came Before Columbus: The African Presence In Ancient America by Ivan Van Sertima.

2. 500 Years of European Behavior: It’s Effect on Afrika and Afrikan People by Nana Ekow Butweiku I

3. Western Representations of The Muslim Woman: From Termagant to Odalisque by Mohja Kahf (from my personal bookshelf).

4. Servants of Allah: African Muslims Enslaved in The Americas by Sylviane A. Diouf

Some Winter reading and the list keeps growing, I tend to read at least 2 books in a week, of course this depend on the length of the book :-). What will I be reading next? Stay tuned.

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