The “List”

Long ago in a faraway galaxy I came upon an article in Ebony magazine by Laura B. Randolph titled The top 40. In my mind-set at that time I thought “The Top 40″ was a hit list of music’s top 40’s songs. But as I read further, it was about tip toeing into being 40 as a woman. I kept that list in my diary for many years, as a reminder to myself that my day will come when I will be writing my top 40 list.

Meknes, Morocco

One year ago I began adding to that list, preparing for my next stage in life. Ok, I hit the 40 mark (cough, cough, some YEARS ago) and now there is so much to review, evaluate and sort through in my life. My patience is short, my mind is more astute, and my body is speaking a different language unknown to me. Words and phrases flow from my lips like secret prose, I am embracing these changes (I sure there will be more) and just going with the flow. Well here is my reinvention in process I will call this “The List”{completed} :

1. More quiet time for reflection, relaxation, and meditation.

2. Make Hajj.

3. Do not wait to exhale. BREATHE!!!!!

4. Wade in the waters of LIFE.

5. Learn to knit.

6. Update my sketching/drawing skills.

7. Complete my Masters Degree, and obtain my PhD.

8. Travel (see as much of the world I can in my life time). Would love to visit: Africa, Spain, India, Japan, Italy, France, Germany, Greece, South America, Mexico, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, Turkey, Russia, Sweden.

9. Transition to Plant-based/Vegan lifestyle.

10. Go deep-sea diving.

11. Learn to ride a motorcycle.

12. Become a writer.

13. A set of luggage.

14. Get a passport.

15. Complete my Associates and Bachelors Degrees.

16. A library card…used often.

17. A mammogram yearly.

18. Learn at least 3 foreign languages.

19. Become an avid runner.

20. Take more photos of my life.

21. Volunteer for a cause…there are too many causes that touch my heart to list.

22. Learn to dance…the Tango.

23. Walk the Great Wall of China.

24. Take a random class.

25. Make films/documentaries that praise the many lives and voices of women.

26. Complete writing my unfinished novel.

27. Read 2 books every week.

28. Write a food-related book.

29. Live in another country.

30. Change someone’s life… for the better.

31. Take a trip on impulse.

32. Trace my lineage, further.

33. Spend a month in the Emirates.

34. Ride a camel in the desert.

35. Spend a month as a Nomad in a foreign land.

36. Sleep in a tent in the desert of Dubai.

37. Watch the sunrise and set in Nepal.

38. visit Machu Pichu.

39. Spend a week in a Tuscan Villa.

40. Take a road trip across the US and visit as many Indigenous places and people I can. 

41. Buy a house.

42. Plant a garden.

43. Write letters to people who I admire for their contributions (a wide range) to the world.

44. Visit Palestine and Jerusalem…the region, people and culture has always fascinated me.

45. Bike through a regional or foreign countryside.

46. Sleep on the beach and watch the sunrise.

I am sure my list will grow as I become older and my circumstances and environments change, but for now I am humble with my list.


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